Dope Sweater Artwork

Kanye West_2_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag Section

Some consumers may not be “sweater people” but I am – and after seeing these designs, you might become one too. An upcoming company called Sexier  has a really interesting take on the fashion industry: A couple of abstract designers, Hollywood and Jessica, incorporate dope images from the internet and re-blog them to a different medium, such as dope sweatshirts. By bringing a different, flamboyant style to the gear, it really creates the “Sexy” image that their brand name implies.

If they can get their brand launched, it would be no surprise if it would become an instant success for fashion heads everywhere. With an already building buzz escalating in the blog world, its only a matter of time until this happens. Unfortunately none of their work is for sale due to copyright issues, which is something they are currently working on. All I know is that these sweaters got us hooked like Pookie in New Jack City.

Peep the sweater Swag.

Nicki Minaj_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionA$AP Rocky_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionWiz Khalifa_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionMarilyn Monroe_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionKanye West_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionPurple Sprite_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionDaydreaming_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionFuturama_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionLips_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag Section
Mickey Mouse_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionWheres Waldo_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag SectionFace_2_Dope Sweater Artwork_Swag Section

You can check out what Sexier is all about on their Tumblr page here.