ALL GONE 2012 Book Releases at Colette Paris


Popular street culture chronicle All Gone, produced by the La MJC Media Group, started back in 2006, and this year marks the 6th anniversary of the so-called “street bible” that has caught fire in the last few years.

from the La MJC website:

“These series of books are considered a true annual bible and pay homage to the best creations of the street scene & offer a window for the most iconic actors of the street culture movement (brand founders, artists and mythic shop references.”



Brands such as SUPREME, KAWS OriginalFake, and SSUR are always among the names that are mentioned in this editorial, which documents the latest and greatest in zeitgeist  fads of that year. As a small concept that began at a company in Paris, All Gone  has seemingly transformed into a force that not only documents what is hot for that year, but also becomes an authority on what is “Cool” as well. Landing a spot in All Gone has become a coveted achievement, and over a short period of time the book has grown into an urban culture phenomenon.



 This Saturday, January 19th the All Gone 2012 released in limited edition, in-store at Colette Paris where both of the paisley-covered editions were priced around €58 ($77). The books were limited to a release of 2,000 prints 750 of the red edition, and 1,250 with the black cover. Lines at Colette no doubt stretched around the block, which was not a surprise because the Colette release is among many of the festivities happening in Paris right now.



The All Gone Book  can be ordered online at the official All Gone website. It is available in limited release, so make sure to go and get your copy soon.

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Check out more images from the All Gone Series below.


By: Emiko_Swag

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